Neighbors, Friends, and Clients

I have had the pleasure of knowing this wonderful family for many years. I first met the Sorensen family as new neighbors and we connected over both of our families being blessed by adoption. I became their photographer when they signed up for one of my mini session dates. Every session with them is filled with laughter and relaxed because they are so easy going. You would never know that the day of their most recent shoot was absolutely freezing!

Finding those smiles

One of the rewarding parts of photography is capturing natural expressions so the photos reflect the people in them in a genuine way. I feel very proud when I can coax authentic smiles out of these kids allowing their personalities to shine. Watching families change and grow over the years is one of my favorite parts of being a photographer!

Also is it not the cutest to always have their pups in the pics?! I love when the whole family is there, including beloved pets!

A storm is coming...

We were outside chatting with the Sorensen's several years ago and I suddenly halted all conversation, froze with my nose to the wind and dramatically announced "A storm is coming!"

I was sure I had been tapping in to my sixth sense smelling the moisture in the air and expecting dark clouds and a deluge of rain to begin any moment, but as it turns out it was just another neighbors sprinklers gently watering their lawn...Ah storm here after all...

We had a good laugh once we realized and it has been a favorite ongoing joke, reappearing frequently in messages back and forth whenever someone thinks we might be on the verge of a storm or maybe smell something on the wind Haha!

Working with the Sorensens has truly been a joy!

I am so grateful to be able to capture little snapshots of their family story over the years.