Which Colors Look Best?

Utah landscapes offer gorgeous variety throughout the year from beautiful snowy mountains in Winter, orchards full of soft pink white blossoms in Spring, wildflowers in Summer, and vibrant leaves in Fall.

Just as each season of the year brings its individual beauty, each person also has their own unique features.

Planning what to wear for photos, especially group photos, can be difficult. Not all colors compliment every persons features in the same way.

Have you heard of the color seasons?

Color analysis is a system developed to determine which colors will look best on you based whether you have warm or cool tones and low, medium, or high contrast in your natural features. Just like the seasons of the year there are four main color seasons

Winter: cool, dark, and bright with high contrast features

Spring: warm, light, and bright with low contrast features

Summer: cool, light, and soft with low to medium contrast features

Autumn: warm, dark, and soft with medium to high contrast features

A full color analysis by a trained professional is recommended to determine exactly what you color palette is as there are variations within each season but these basic principles are a great place to begin!

Okay lets start with the easiest factor to determine which is your color contrast. Take a photo of yourself in natural light then turn the photo black and white. In black and white it is easier to see whether your skin, hair, and eyes have high, medium, or low contrast. Try it out!

How to determine the warmth or coolness of your skin tone next week in part 2