Hi! I am Brianna (Bre-on-na) or Bri (Bree) for short and I run this place. I was born and raised in a little town in California. I now live in Utah where I am a wife to one sexy man. (Wade is going to hate that I said that lol) and 3 beautiful sons that fill my life with joy. I am super into organization.. like I love it. For instance, I used to organize the lipsticks at the grocery store..as a customer. I didn't work there. I think really quirky things make someone extremely endearing.

Some things you should know are: I am double jointed in my wrists. I am really good at making ugly faces, Like scary good....One of my strengths is making people feel comfortable. I love myself more and think I am way more beautiful in my 30's than I ever have before.

I LOVE capturing all the things that makes you and your family unique. I started my photography business with the idea that I like to photograph things, people and places that make me feel something. I love finding that moment when my client is no longer posing, but just being, it is so beautiful to me. I have always loved story telling and I would love to help tell your story through photography. I want you to see what I see.

I have spent the last 9+ years building this business I wouldn't want to do anything else. I am finding myself and embracing the chaos. I am finding I like my mess because, it's mine. I am not trying to be another artist. I am embracing my fire, my passion, my art. It may not always be pretty and perfect but it will be authentic.

If you are a little quirky, playful and love to find joy in the little things in life I am pretty sure we are a perfect fit.



“From taking our wedding photos 6 years ago, to taking professional headshots and most recently our family photo (with energetic twin toddlers), Brianna can do it all! She has so beautifully captured the most important moments for our family. I remember instantly feeling comfortable around her during our wedding photos. This year, I thought we’d be lucky to get 1 good family photo with our twin 2-year old boys who love to run..Well somehow she did it and we ended up with TONS of wonderful photo options!”