Fall= Family photos to me and everyone wants to know the secrets to getting great family photos. I am here to spill the beans and let you in on a few things that can help you and your family find success this year.

First thing first, Don’t stress too much. I know this is a really hard one. You buy new outfits for everyone, hope no one gets the flu, pay a professional photographer and emotionally invest and set yourself up to be in front of a camera. It is a lot financially and emotionally. But with that said, you wont be doing anyone any favors if you come into the session being grouchy and high strung. So go get a massage the day before, accept that something wrong will happen. Try to roll with it. 

Finding your perfect fit- One of the not so secret, secrets to getting great family photos is hiring the right fit for your family. Choose someone that invests in education, fits your family’s personality and that you love the way their work feels. Ask questions. Ask them if they are insured, how they save your images, how long they have been in business. They are the professional and once you arrive they should be able to take complete control of the situation and allow you to just enjoy time with your family. 

Dress for Success

When styling your family pictures choose texture and color and pattern. Long gone are the days when you try to match everyone in the same denim and white button up. Choose 3-4 colors you like that work well together and go from there. Try to pick a general feel for what you want your family to look like, for example are you thinking more boho, classic, edgy? Try not to have too many dominant prints. For example large polka dot and large plaid and large flower print is a no go. But you can have all of those prints in one image if one is dominate and the others support it.

One last tip, Just love each other. The whole point of having photos taken is to remember how you were in that time of life. Laugh, kiss, hug, snuggle. Allow your photographer to capture the connection you have as a family. Let your photos tell a story of what life was like for you then.