So I often think about why I went into photography and it always comes back to two things: 1) I love to share and tell stories, to share stories through images is amazing. 2) I want moments to last and be remembered forever.

Growing up, my mom had a drawer full of photos and a box in her closet with each of my siblings and my names on it. Each box had special school projects, school pictures and other random artifacts picked up along the way. These were treasure boxes for me. I often frequented both the drawer and the box to look back and remember stories from family members I never had the chance to meet, or stare at how young my parents looked when they got married or look at my siblings prom dates or just at how silly and odd I was/am/ always will be and hope people find it endearing. =)

I will never forget a day when my mom brought out a secret new box with all her wedding things in it (I am still not sure how she kept it hidden for so long because I am a nosey little thing and I think I know every inch of my parents home.) She had her faded cake top, gifts from friends, a candle or two, some fabric and some other random things. I loved to imagine being there and seeing it all. My Mom and Dad will have been married for 51 years on June 1st of this year. They have maybe 17 pictures from their wedding day and they are all 3x3 inch square prints, I love them all. There is just something so romantic about seeing the day my family became a family.

For my own wedding I didn't hire a photographer I had a family friend take the pictures. I think I got 300 images and I liked 10 maybe? I will never have the opportunity to get that special day back so I cling to the 10 pictures I like and tuck that life lesson in my left breast shirt pocket for another day.

I guess what I am saying here is I love what I do. As a photographer I am an anthropologist, artist, fly on the wall and a dreamer. I get to share in my clients most special days and memories. I feel honored to be invited into your lives, Thank you!