We chose Ogden for our graduate session because of the color and life of the downtown area. Cassidy is so special. It is rare that you find the kind of person at any age that is a perfect balance of humble and confidant. When I asked her what she liked about herself she said “my eyes, freckles, my hair, honestly I like almost everything about myself.” It was so refreshing to hear someone of her age say that. When I was young, honestly even now, I fight to like myself that much. The thing about Cassidy is that everyone else around her agrees, she is genuinely likable. Her laugh is infectious and so is her smile.During our graduate session she had to change so I opened the back of my SUV and let her change there. I forgot that you can’t open the back door from inside and walked away to give her a little privacy. After a few minutes I got a call on my phone from Cassidy . I ran to the back door and let her out. Apparently she had been done for a while and knocked and tried to get my attention but I didn’t notice. It is so embarrassing that I locked my client in my car but it shows what a great problem solver she is.