These Cache Valley engagements were so incredible. I woke up at 4:15 excited for the day and for a anti-morning person like me that is saying something. I left my house about 4:40 am and drove up to Cache Valley. The morning light over the mountains were breathtaking. I knew these engagements were going to be perfect.

Let me tell you about the happy couple. Spencer and Kimmy have known each other a long time. He took violin lessons from Kimmy’s older sister when he was in his early teens and that is how they met. Later, they attended the same High School and hung out in the same groups and were in show choir together. Spencer said he liked Kimmy most of high school and tried to date her his senior year. After High school they both left on LDS missions. Spencer went to Portugal and Kimmy went to Florida.

Throughout their missions they wrote to each other. Kimmy said it was nothing romantic at the time but it built a great foundation for what was to come. Kimmy got home in December and Spencer said he knew he wanted to take things to the next level. He said he was so stressed that someone else would come scoop her up that he had to move quick. Their courtship moved fast. They knew each other for so long as friends that it felt completely natural for them to date, then they both felt great about the direction things were headed that they thought and prayed about getting engaged. Both of them knew it was right and so they went ring shopping at SE Needham Jewelers  in Logan. Spencer knew the ring wasn’t going to be a surprise but that the proposal still could be.

Her family was going to attend “Hamilton” in Salt Lake. They invited him to attend and so he thought she wouldn’t expect him to propose then so he arranged a nice dinner at his parents home. His mother is a fantastic cake artist and the ring was hidden on the cake. So sweet right? He said he kept it quite so the info wouldn’t get back to Kimmy about his surprise proposal. But as Kimmy said she doesn't love surprises and she has a way of finding things out and knew all about the plans about 2 weeks before it happened. She said she started lotioning her hands extra well her hands would look best to receive the ring.

These two cracked me up the whole time we were shooting. Here are a few things I learned about them:

  1. Spencer is awesome and talks sometimes more like Yoda than a normal human. It was amazing. It was my favorite.
  2. Kimmy and Spencer are both incredible musicians. Spencer fully admits Kimmy is significantly better than he is.
  3. They have the kind of easy love that everyone hopes for. They are complementary in every way. He is a gentlemen and she lets him be. They take that extra moment to look into each others eyes and just embrace the moment. It made me want to go home and be better to my own husband.

I guess what I am trying to say is if these Cache Valley engagements are any indication for who they really are , life is going to be sweet for them. They are wonderful humans and I can’t wait till they get married!